Dancing On the Ceiling

Oh what a feeling! Cosmo Boy has been anxiously waiting for that moment when he can feel Cosmo Baby kick him. He’s convinced that the kid hates him and goes into hiding whenever he puts his hand on my tummy. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll say the baby is kicking and he’ll be like yeah whatever. Last night we had pulled our futon couch down into a bed (everybody should have a futon in their living room), and laid side by side to relax and watch Amazing Race (I’m still in shock that Meredith and Gretchen made it to the final 4! But alas their luck has run out…). Anyways, I noticed that Cosmo Baby was becoming a little more active, so I silently put Cosmo Boy’s hand on my side (‘cause Cosmo Baby seems to be lying east west across me). Anyways, that kid must’ve been dancing on the ceiling or practicing their hockey skills (high sticking?) ‘cause not only could Cosmo Boy feel it for a ½ an hour straight, but he could actually see my skin protrude! Feeling the kicks has certainly helped Cosmo Boy to feel connected, and hopefully he’ll be able to hear the heartbeat tomorrow at our OB appt. Yay baby! Thank you for showing daddy that mommy isn’t just super bloated. It’s NOT a tumah!

11 thoughts on “Dancing On the Ceiling

  1. After seeing the ultrasound, the single-most thing that made me feel connected to the baby when my wife was pregnant was feeling that little guy trying out for the fetal olympic team! Then it got weird – about 2 weeks before he was born, I could actually see the imprint of his foot protrude as he pressed against my wife’s stomach – that was cool – but admittedly, threw me a bit! Have fun you two!

  2. 😀 Isn’t that the greatest feeling? Makes it seem more real somehow. I can’t wait to see you Saturday & hopefully my grandchild will make its presence known to me as well. I can remember watching my tummy move when I was carrying you & your brother.

  3. It’s a wonderful feeling! R was hiding from me for some time but I finally got to see some of his martial arts skills. Listening to the heartbeats at the OBGYN gets me every time too.

  4. That’s funny! The Bean has been shying away from me too for the most part. Whenever I put a hand on the belly, she stops moving! Except for last night. She was dancing all around. Very cool!!

  5. That’s just the best, ain’t it?

    Try the remote control trick next time: place the
    remote on your belly and let the baby kick it off! Those
    are party games for the last month! 😆

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