Dear Amber (1 Month)

Dear Amber,

Wow!!! You’re 1 month old now! It feels like you’ve been a part of our family forever. You just fit in so well with us.

You’re an amazing sleeper, and eater. Yes – you just eat & sleep, just like your daddy! The other day I placed you on your tummy to do some “tummy time” and you fell asleep! Your sisters were playing in the room too, but you didn’t let that bother you at all.

Sleepy Girl

I’ve noticed lately that you can see.  You can focus on my hand if I hold it in front of your face, and if I move it side to side your eyes and head follow along.  You had a bit of a wandering eye at birth, but it seems to be straightening out on is own.  You also can recognize our voices.  If you hear daddy’s voice when he gets home from work you turn your head towards the door.  You also smile when you see him.  It’s so cute! And you have a beautiful smile.

This month will be your first Christmas – we’ll be bringing you up to meet your family in Ottawa.  I apologize in advance for the long car ride.

We love you Amber and are absolutely enjoying every single moment with you!


4 thoughts on “Dear Amber (1 Month)

  1. Oh my goodness! How sweet! God bless.

    My little one (4 month old) hates the car. I can’t even imagine a long car ride with him. All my babies were like that. :-(

  2. Your baby girl is so lucky to have you, you know. You love her forever, okay? and her sisters. My mom left me and my sisters when i was eight, and I never knew my dad, but I like to think I turned out okay. Still, I think kids have it better if they have a solid foundation, and you can give them that. So… Good luck, I guess, and congrats on the new baby!

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