Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

There are many, many things that I want for Christmas:

  • World peace
  • End of world hunger
  • All the rainforests to be saved
  • No more poverty
  • Lower taxes
  • Equal rights for women
  • A cure for all cancers
  • An end to childhood obesity
  • An end to global warming
  • Clean drinking water for everyone
  • An end to child abuse
  • Better healthcare & lower wait times
  • A secure, well paying, job for my dad


But alas – I realize that this year, your bag is just not big enough and your elves are far too busy making toys and other goodies to bring me these things. Instead, here’s a list of a few smaller things that I would like for Christmas:

  • The time and money for me to do a ½ marathon training clinic at the new Winston Churchill location of the Running Room (I’d really like to run the Mississauga Marathon May 10th, 2009) Why not give me the gift of fitness?
  • The time and money for me to go to the salon and get my hair cut and coloured
  • New underwear (Molly dog keeps eating mine)
  • Black socks (so I can stop stealing my hubby’s. Though, I probably still would ’cause his are more comfy than mine)
  • Timex Ironman HRM watch
  • New Kids On The Block Greatest Hits CD
  • Twilight Saga box set
  • A gift certificate for dinner & a movie (so hubby and I can go on a date)
  • Walmart Gift Card (to buy new curtain rods for my curtains)
  • Digital Scrapbooking Software
  • Ladies Black Softball Shorts
  • First Baseman’s Glove

You really don’t have to buy me everything on my list – I would be happy with any one of those things (though if you brought me everything I would be one very, very happy mommy! We’ll be leaving you a big plate of cookies, a large glass of milk and lots of carrots for the reindeer. We’ll even turn the fireplace off so you won’t get burned. Look for the house with the well manicured lawn and Corvette in the driveway – we live in the shack next door. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my letter Santa! See ya on Christmas Eve!

Love ya lots,
Mama Janice

6 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. What a great list. I could actually put alot of the first list on my list too.

    I really don’t want anything for Christmas. I have everything now … beautiful wife, great kids, good paying job (at least for now). What else could I ask for?

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