Do Ya’ll Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Tonight I was chatting with an online friend about food (they never heard of whole wheat pasta!) who happens to live in the States (Georgia) and at one point in the conversation they said:

Do ya’ll celebrate Thanksgiving?

This got me thinking about how much MORE we as Canadians know about our neighbours to the south than they know of us. Then I asked whether or not they show Canada on their weather maps. The response:

I think they show Canada and Mexico but dont divide them up

Damn! I almost wet myself laughing at that one!

OK, so upon more prodding I was able to figure out that they show all of North America, however they only divide the US up into their proper states. But DAMN my first interpretation of that first answer was really funny!

What other funny things have Americans asked you about your country?

8 thoughts on “Do Ya’ll Celebrate Thanksgiving?

  1. It always cracks me up that although they show the weather map for all of north america, the radar and/or animations showing fronts and storms and whatnot always end precisely at the border.

    We live in Texas, so in a lot of ways it is really helpful to know what is happening in Mexico, since with the prevailing southern breeze that usually hits us a day or two later. But no! It’s like Mexico doesn’t have weather, it all starts at the border.

    So, do y’all have Christmas? 😛

  2. Remember our grade 5 pen pals from Colorado. Didn’t a few of them ask (and mine was one of ask (mine was one of them) if we were hunters, lived in igloo’s and celebrated Christmas. Nowadays it’s not as bad, but I’ve been asked who my president is and if we get summer.

    Crap, I think I know more about the US than Canada, my home and place of birth!

  3. First of all, it’s Y’all – as in “you all”. If you are going to make fun of us you should probably have the lingo down. Secondly, not all of us are ignorant to Canada. My very best friend as a kid lived near Montreal and while he also had the feeling that “we” didn’t know much about Canada, I think I’m a bit of an exception. I have been to various provinces in Canada many times and while I wouldn’t claim to know all of the words to your national anthem, I do actually know what it is. I’ll continue my rant on my own blog… :mrgreen:

  4. I actually copied and pasted that directly from my online conversation – so I guess my American friend hasn’t even gotten his own lingo down. 😉

  5. shoot, i’m from Alaska, and i’ve run into a lot, lot of people who don’t even realize that it’s part of the US. it’s disturbing, really.

  6. That reminds me of when I was a kid, my sister flew to visit a friend in Florida (we live in Texas). I’m hoping they were teasing, because the people in Florida kept saying things like “do you ride a horse to school?” and “This is a tree. They don’t have many of those in Texas, do they?”

    It’s nice to think the world is smaller, but I think there is just as much unknown as there is known about each other.

  7. Ooh, can I play? I live in the ‘States, but I’m originally from England. One of my personal favorite conversations:

    Q: “Do you guys have the 4th of July over there?”
    A: No, we jump straight from the 3rd to the 5th.

    Q: “No, I mean, do you celebrate it, you know, the… um…”
    A: Not really, no, but we do learn about it in school.

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