Dreams Really Do Come True

Remember when I posted here that I skipped my run to go buy the new NKOTB album “The Block”? And do you remember when I posted on Friday that I was going to the NKOTB concert on Sunday night? And do you remember that I posted that Jon was my favourite New Kid? Well last night I had a blast at the NKOTB concert and found out that deams really do come true…

Yep – that would be me and JONATHAN RASHLEIGH KNIGHT in our Suite at the ACC Centre where the NKOTB were performing!

Here’s the story…

The four of us arrived at the ACC around 6:30 and took an elevator up to the 200 Level where our Corporate Box was. As we got off of the elevator Danny Wood was being escorted by his body guards from the Meet & Greet that was included with the VIP ticket option (appx $400 for those tix! 😯 YIKES! Anyways I was too slow on the camera draw and didn’t manage to pull it out of my purse soon enough to catch a pic. My hubby would laugh ’cause I can never find anything in my purse – and last night I paid the price for that. When we got to our box we discovered that if you could text a message to the NKOTB to appear on the screens prior to the concert and you could potentially be upgraded to 1st row seats. Kimmer sent this text message: DONNIE WE COULD USE SOME FACETIME IN BOX 245. We ordered some drinks and relaxed a bit before the show. Heather and Liz decided to go out for a smoke, thinking they had tons of time before the concert. Next thing we know we hear a voice say in the thickest, sexiest Boston accent I’ve ever heard “Who’s suite is this?”. We turned around to see JONATHAN KNIGHT standing in our box with the NKOTB bodyguard Robo!!!! 😯

I ran over to him and gushed like a 14 yr old girl: “Jon I have got to be your BIGGEST fan ever! Can I have my picture taken with you?”. He came over to me and opened his arms for a hug – I almost fainted on the floor right then and there, but somehow managed to lift my arms up and give hima HUGE hug. I expected him to pull back after a brief hug, but he held me a little longer than you would expect. Maybe he figured that if he didn’t I’d fall over… Kimmer was all cool ’cause she had already met EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM on Friday night at the VIP/5* Meet & Greet. She explained that this was her company’s corporate box, blah, blah, blah. Then he hugged and greeted Kimmer. Somehow we managed to get Kimmer’s camera out (once again, mine was deeply buried in my purse) and Jon posed with me. Jon then went to the front of the box, crouched down where no one would see him, and looked out at our view. He commented on how we could see them change between sets etc… We then offered him a glass of wine, to which he declined. Then I took Kim’s photo with him. He asked the time, we said 7:10 so he said he didn’t have enough time to stay. He hugged me goodbye and left. I MET JONATHAN!!!!!!!!

(Oh and I took a picture of Kim with Jon too)

When Heather and Liz came back they were all excited – they had were unable to go outside for a smoke because the security had been holding an elevator. Jon and his bodyguard got on the elevator and they had screamed at him – Do you think you’re more important than us… blah, blah, blah. They thought we’d just about piss our pants ’cause we missed him, but we were able to trump them by telling them that the reason they had held the elevator for him was because he was visiting us in our box! LOL!

The rest of the night was a blur for me. The concert was FANTASTIC! The “boys” gave a great show, performing songs from all of their albums, including one song from each of their solo attempts. Afterwards we went to the “Official NKOTB” After party at FLUID LOUNGE. We waited in line for 40 min and finally got in. We waited about an hour and Donnie and Danny showed up with their songwriter Nasri to party! They performed a few songs and we quickly decided that there was no way in hell we would meet them again cause of the crowds of screaming girls. Being the slow poke that I am I ran into Nasri on our way out and said “hi”.

When we got back to Kimmer’s I collapsed into the happiest sleep I’ve had in ages! Dreams really do come true!

PS – you can see more of the pics on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/cosmogrrl/

17 thoughts on “Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. OMG, we started the new kids journey together, and it may have taken two decades but we did it!!!!!!!! OMG, I am so happy that you were able to meet him…… it was so surreal. I was shaking like a leaf but tried to act all cool.


  2. Hi. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s pretty special that Jon came and seeked you guys out. How cool! I have a VIP5* pass/ticket for the Denver show in November and I can’t wait! I didn’t want to spend that kind of money but I figured it was the opportunity of a lifetime and at least it would guarentee that I’d get to meet the guys. I have waited 20 years for this chance. :smile:

  3. Lucky you! That is amazing. I wanted to go to this concert and see (even from far away) the boys that plastered my wall for so many years. Sadly the timing of baby number two wasn’t great and I knew hubbie wouldn’t be pleased if I left a infant with him.
    I likely wouldn’t have been luck enough to meet one as I met one when I was sixteen. Lightning doesn’t strike twice. Sadly not my favourite one..I met Danny Wood in Boston. We were on a camp tour and made the bus stop when some of the girls spotted him. There was a lot of screaming and crying by some of the girls (despite this being well after NKOTBs time of fame) I got kick as one friend asked where Jon, Jordan and Joe were. She would have preferred to meet them!

  4. YAY! I finally got the whole story!
    That is so cool that happened you! Congrats to you for having a pic with JON! I patiently wait the day for my pic just with Joe! 😉
    NKOTB fans unite!

  5. what a great story! you and jon look so cute together — for a second there, i thought it was you and your husband, at your house! what are the chances of jon going to anyone’s seat right before the show?! whoa, and you could see them change between sets?! how lucky is that? wow…

  6. CONGRATS!! What an amazing meeting!! So happy for you…the pics are gorgeous!

    I was lucky enough to meet the guys at the 5* in NJ, and I had just a wonderful time!

    I will be at the MSG concert…IN A corporate BOX!! Maybe i will catch a glimpse of them, too! (Just hope I can get there early…)

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