End Of The Baby Boom

Errrr… I mean it’s the end of the hockey lockout. I don’t know about you, but where I live in Canada, I know an incredibly large amount of couples who are due this summer and this fall. Yes – the hockey lockout in Canada has resulted in a mini baby boom. Honestly I can name off 15 FIFTEEN couples that are expecting. (One couple went even as far as to conceive twin girls – they’re due in early October). Being the good Canadians that we are, my husband and I were one of the first couples that the lockout infected. What on earth else are we supposed to do when it’s 40 below C and there’s a windchill making it feel like minus 50 and there’s no freaking hockey to entertain us? So of course we “entertained” ourselves. But alas – it’s over. There WILL be hockey this winter! Yay! I can’t wait to introduce my little girl to the wonderful world of freezing cold arenas (I mean hockey).

9 thoughts on “End Of The Baby Boom

  1. I live in a land where Football (American Style) is king and although the local hockey team does fair, hockey in general is viewed as ho-hum.

    Not me, I am excited! I have been hockey enthusist for years and started cheering for the Rangers back in 1994. I’ve seen a number of NHL games in person and have loved everygame. Dallas was especially a cool experience.

    So what you where saying about the Baby Boom was that it was a different type of “He Shoots, He SCORES!!!!”

  2. um, oh wow what is hockey… No really I am happy for you hockey fans.. I can’t imagine life without football or basketball…
    yeah for you..

  3. I can completely relate to what you’re saying …
    my husband and I have never talked so much in a winter …



  4. LOL, I’m so one of the 15 couples, but I”m glad I”m not hte one wiht twin girls on the way… :) At least I know what I won’t be doing this winter! LOL…. having another baby!

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