Enough With The Snow Already

I definitely know I’m not the only one who feels this way… But come on!  I’ve had enough!  That’s supposed to be my bench under there:

And we’re supposed to get more!  3 cm tonight, 3 cm on Tuesday, 1 cm on Wednesday, 10 cm on Thursday and 3 cm on Friday!  I feel like a prisoner in my own living room ’cause Sierra never wants to go outside and play in it.  Heh…  At least in jail I wouldn’t have to cook ALL of my own meals and wipe other people’s butts.  Its so hard to believe that softball season starts in 8 short weeks!

PS – Jump up and down today while taking a shot, because its Leap Day!

5 thoughts on “Enough With The Snow Already

  1. Oh, do I hear you! We got almost 3 more inches today and all the tv people can do is talk about how we have nearly tripled our average, how this is the 5th most snowy season on record, how we are nearly breaking another record after breaking the February record. I mean, really…I love winter and I have had enough already. And I know we an have snow in April.

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  2. You are more than welcome to come visit .. bring summer clothes. It was 75 degrees F. here the other day.

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