Facing The Book

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Sorry Vox, Sorry WordPress.  I’ve found a new addiction – Facebook.  Gawd – I’ve spent an hour a night on this new addiction.  You’d think I wouldn’t have time with trying to preserve the cleanliness of a home for sale, looking after a toddler, and just plain being prego – but no – I’ve found it.  Where I found it I don’t know, but I’ve found it.  It’s kind of thrilling to see old friends and realize that they all look the same, therefore I must too.  Which really means I haven’t aged a bit since highschool :grin:  that thoguht sertainly brings a smile to my face.  Another thrill is getting messages from old highschool crushes :blush:  Ahh yes – I may have a mortgage and a student loan, but I’m still the same old Janice 😀

2 thoughts on “Facing The Book

  1. I know who you’re talking about! LOL> I was chatting with him and mentioned you!! :) For the record, you do look the same!! Don’t you wonder what we’ll look like in another 10 years though? Scary thought.

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