Feed the Pig

Have you considered how much your morning latte is costing you? How much is your lunch costing you? How much does it cost you to feed the pig?

Well now you can calculate how much over-spending is costing your wallet with this website: http://www.feedthepig.org

Me?  I’m cheap… Cheap, cheap, cheap.  The birds sing songs about me!

  • I MAKE my coffee every morning with my Tassimo – mmmmm I LOVE my Tassimo! (Dear Tassimo please give me a machine to giveaway to one of my dear readers so one of them can enjoy it too!)
  • I bring toast to work and eat it at my desk (occasionally I bring jam with me to put on it)
  • I contribute $5/week to the “Coffee Group” to drink copious amounts of coffee throughout the morning from the work coffee maker
  • I bring a Lean Cuisine and a diet coke for lunch
  • In the afternoon I drink tap water from a reusable water bottle.

But I’m not completely perfect… I do buy one lunch/week (usually Friday) and often get take-out ALL weekend long!  According to Feed The Pig this costs me $400 per month (probably more).  Ouch!

I love Feed The Pig!  I love the money saving tips that you can have sent to your email, cell phone, facebook, igoogle etc! Check it out and find out how much does it cost you to feed the pig?

One thought on “Feed the Pig

  1. I am affraid to find out wht it costs me to feed the pig. Carol and I both make pretty good $$$ and always are living paycheck to paycheck. I am sure we could save big time buvcks if we tried.

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