Fitting It All In

Swimming x 3, gymnastics x 3, skating x1, hockey x 1, soccer x 2…  and school.  Between my job, the kids activities etc finding the time to run has been hard lately.

Finding time for exercise with kids is hard!

So this morning when I was at our local arena/community center/gymnastics club for the girls gymnastics classes I noticed that the center added a walking/jogging track around one of the hockey rinks.  So as soon as I got the chance I went over to the registration desk and asked how much a membership was:

Wow! $5 per visit?

NOPE!  $5 per YEAR!

Sign me up baby!  So I paid my $5 and now every Saturday I can run for up to 90 minutes while the girls are in their gymnastics class – all winter!  No more long runs in the bitterly cold, sleet and ankle deep snow this winter!

How do you find time for exercise with kids?

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4 thoughts on “Fitting It All In

      1. It makes me happy too, knowing that you’ll be running safely in the winter. One slip on a small patch of snow or ice and you could end up with a broken bone or two or a concussion. Even though you’re an adult with 3 children I still worry about you cuz I love you!

  1. Your schedule sounds a ton like mine! I have two girls. One has gymnastics 2x’s a week plus dance and the other has one day of each. Not to mention school, clubs, playdates…. life can get really busy. I squeeze runs in during gymnastics, after walking to school… pretty much whenever I can. Keep up the good work momma!


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