Firefox Tools

So we got snow – lots of it. And since there was no where to go I thought I’d play around with some Firefox tools that Mark sent to me. First off THIS CSS Editor is amazing! Seeing your changes live is great – especially when you’re still learning. Soon enough I’ll be doing whole new layouts – rather than just changing colours from templates! And speaking of colours… ColorZilla is great for helping you to pick out colours. With those two tools I managed to create yet another new style in under an hour! Check it out – It’s called Tough ’cause I couldn’t think of another name for it.

8 thoughts on “Firefox Tools

  1. I’ve been using that EditCSS thingy for a while. I like it too. You may also want to check out Color Schemer for other Color related tools. I just found it and I like it a bunch. You can put in one color and it will generate a whole scheme of harmonious colors.

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