Four Months

Dear Amber,

This is my first letter to you. I wrote a few letters to your sisters when they were babies, so its only fair that I write a letter to you too.  I’ll try to write a few more during your first year, ok?

What can I say about you sweetie? You’re AH-mazing! Healthy, smart, beautiful and so HAPPY! Little lady, you never ever stop smiling! This is the face that greets me each morning when you wake up:

Amber - 4 mos

You’re such a happy baby! You sleep well, you eat well and you LOVE your sisters! Actually truth be told, they love you too! You giggle at all of their crazy antics and I’m sure you can’t wait to start moving around and playing with them. Sierra always wants to snuggle and hold you, while Brooke likes to show you her toys.

Amber & I at Sunset Beach

Last month daddy and I took you to HAWAII! Yes! You and I got to spend a great week together exploring the Island of Oahu while daddy worked.  We went to Sea Life Park and saw real live WILD whales breeching in the ocean! Then we drove along the coast to Sunset Beach and watched the surfers, followed by a trip to Waimea Falls, StrollerStrides at Ala Moana Park, and a visit to Honlulu Zoo.  We even visited Waikiki Beach together :) I had such a great time with you!  I was hesitant to fly so far with you – but you travelled quite well – in fact you thought the turbulence was funny and giggled for the first time!

Tomorrow I’ll be bringing you to the Dr’s for your 4 month well baby check up – I’m quite curious to see how much you weigh because you’ve outgrown so many clothes!

Oh Amber- you have brought so much joy to our lives!  I love you sweetie!



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  1. I love the idea of writing a letter to your child before they can even read and/or comprehend it. I will follow your lead and try the same for my little boy Cam. Thanks for the inspiration.

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