Fraidy Cat!

Cosmo Dawg is a freak! She’s completely frightened of Cosmo Boy and I tonight, and we have no idea why! When we got home from work, she didn’t greet us at the door like she normally does. After calling her a few times she eventually came running down the stairs. Then she took one look at us and yelped! We thought she’d hurt her paw on the way down, so we walked over to her to see what was wrong. She cowered and began shaking and whimpering. She’s normally a VERY happy dog – nothing ever gets her down. After that we thought that maybe she’d gotten into something, or had an accident while we were out. Cosmo Boy stayed with her, petting her and trying to find an injury, while I did the “inspection”. I couldn’t find anything. We let her outside to do her business and then let her in when she knocked (yes, she actually knocks on the door to be let back in). Then Cosmo Boy got a bone out of her cupboard and called her over – she wouldn’t come to him. I took the bone from him and called her to me – she came, but very reluctantly. So then Cosmo Boy took the bone from me and gave it to her. She grabbed it and walked off with it. I don’t understand! Why is she so scared? Do you think it’s possible that she had a doggie nightmare? Afterall, we rescued her from the Humane Society, and we don’t know her whole history. So far the only thing we’ve determined is that someone beat her with a shovel (she’s scared shitless of people shovelling snow). Or do you think that she hurt her hips? Maybe that’s why she won’t come. Afterall, she pretty much has stayed in the same spot where we gave her the bone for the last hour. I’m so worried about her!

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