Friday I’m In Love

Friday Im In Love – The Cure

Ahhh – I just love that song! The happy little beat totally reflects how I feel on Fridays!

Today I’m home on yet another vacation day because I have a sick little girl. This time it’s Brooke – she threw up on me 3 times during the night, and had diarrhea 2 times. I tried to pretend that she wasn’t sick and brought her and Sierra to daycare. I was just opening the door to Brooke’s classroom (which incidentally is the class closest to the main entrance of the daycare center – so at 8 am tons of parents are streaming by dropping off their kids and exiting..) when Brooke totally blew my cover, literally, by throwing up all over her royal sickness, her princess sister and of course me, Queen Mommy. Lovely – guess I have to take the day off – AGAIN! Brooke is now sleeping off whatever has been ailing her… Ooops scratch that – she’s awake!

I’m going to the NKOTB concert and official after-party on Sunday night – that is if baby Brooke is better…
So what are your weekend plans?

5 thoughts on “Friday I’m In Love

  1. Sorry to hear about that, I always hated the kids puking… it almost made me throw up too.

    My plans are to do the Street Festival tomorrow in Thornhill, way down at the end of Colborne Street (hint, hint, in case the kids are feeling better).

    Sunday I plan to recoup from Saturday, hopefully that will include a nice sleep in.

  2. I hope Brooke is feeling BETTER!

    My plans for the weekend have now ended. I had Friday off, so after I finished having lunch at school with Derek on Thursday I drove 3 hours to go see my BEAUTIFUL wife down in Perry GA(hadn’t seen her since Sunday and she didn’t know I was coming). She was there with her family and friends showing Paso Fino Horses at the Grand National Championships. I had never been there for that before, and I still know as much as ever about a horse. I wish I coulda took my oldest son (Kevin) with me … he is a horse nut.

    I hope you get to go and enjoy your concert!

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