Frosty 5K Race Report

Ahhh – the moment you’ve been waiting for… My “Race Report”. In case you weren’t aware, it is customary for running bloggers to post a race report after any race. Now we call these organized timed runs “races” but honestly we aren’t really racing against anyone except our past selves. And today’s race is definitely no exception (I was almost last in my age group). Hey! Stop laughing! I said ALMOST – I still managed to “beat” 8 other gals in the “25-29” age group.

I’ve ran in the 1/2 marathon version of this race for the past 2 years – and the weather is always perfect. (Perfect as running weather goes in March, North of the Canada-US border). It was 3 C (37.4 F) with the windchill making it feel more like -1 C and overcast – definitely not too hot and not too cold (just so long as you dress appropriately). Since Cosmo Boy would only support me if I had someone run to with, Rita generously offered to lace up. (He also required that I get my Dr’s clearance – which I got on Monday). So the 3 of us trekked out to Burlington on a beautiful March Sunday morning just so that I could tell the child in my belly that mommy is a true runner – even pregnancy wouldn’t stop her from racing.

After lining up for the porta-potty, I was ready to run. We took our place in the corral (makes us sound like a herd of sheep), and a minute later the starting gun went off. Rita and I settled into a comfortable 7 min/km pace and chatted and ran, and chatted and ran some more. Before we knew it we were at the first (and only) water station – 2.5 km into the race. It was at that moment that baby decided that he/she wanted to race too and began kicking me – I knew this kid would catch the running bug! So there I am, running, getting kicked from the inside, and having to go to the washroom like there’s no freaking tomorrow! Yet for some reason I was still having fun! So on we ran – the next thing we saw was the 20 km marker for the 1/2 marathon – which meant that we had exactly 1.1 km to go (just under 3 times around your local track). It was then that I almost cried ’cause I just knew that we could do it, and that I could meet my time goal! We finished with a time of 35 min 10 sec – Not bad for this prego!

After the race Cosmo Boy eagerly joined us as we lined up for chili, cookies, and doughnuts (yes, the real reason for running the race comes out – I just wanted the finish line food!). Now – I wonder what race I can do next? The Patty’s Day 5K? maybe the Around The Bay 5K? Ahh yes, I’m an addict!

16 thoughts on “Frosty 5K Race Report

  1. I’m impressed. I don’t think that I would have even ventured out to run during the winter, but you pulled it off and pregnant too. I’m curious to hear how you and jr slept last night? Either out like a log or baby just didn’t want to stop running.


  2. Awesome job! Funny, usually they’re “lulled” to sleep in utero when mom is moving … he/she must’ve really wanted to be a part of the action!

  3. We HAVE to do this again. I much prefer running with someone than running alone. Ok, I just checked our stats and I can’t believe this – YOU BEAT ME!!! I got BEAT by a pregnant woman :mrgreen:
    Always remember – Hard and Strong, pregnant mom!

  4. I wouldn’t be able to run for 35 minutes straight even though I’m not pregnant! Then again, I’m not a runner. 35 minutes of aerobic activity isn’t a problem; it’s the running part. But hey, whatever turns your crank.

    P.S. I told you you could do it :-)

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