OK – we’ve all read those stooopid pregnancy books that tell you to sleep on your side with a pillow ‘tween your legs right? Well of course there’s nothing like getting molested by a pillow while you’re sleeping. Except maybe this:

!@(B0000635WI.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg popimg: “The Molester Pillow”)

Yep, now you can get molested AND fondled while your sleeping! Jeez – if I wanted that I could just sleep next to my husband – it’d be a LOT cheaper than the pillow, that’s for sure!

10 thoughts on “Gack!

  1. 😀 That is so funny! That’s a lot worse than those pillows from the japanese, the lap pilow for men and the arm pilow for women.

  2. Mark, I was just going to say the same thing. And she has such a creepy expression on her face … like she’s thinking … “If I just wrap myself up in this thing, my husband can never impregnate me again….”

  3. Beth has been trying the pillow trick…it usually ends up on the floor. So maybe something like this would come in handy…but it does look kinda dirty 😉

  4. I had the pillows all around me when I was pregnant. Mark couldn’t get close to me. Good thing we have a king size bed. Cheesy picture.

  5. Cosmo Grrl,
    I read a bit of your site, really enjoyed it, and then was embarassed to see how you wrote of the molesting pillow. I bought the very one for my wife, and would much prefer to be the one there with her to, uh…you know. But I am a silly Yank in the military, wandering in the desert rather than being where I want to be, which is where ever my wife is. So maybe its not such a bad thing if I bought it for her and I can’t be there for her…? Still feeling a bit 😳 from your comments, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all that you have written to date.

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