Getting Fit With My Wii

Last week, while on our amazing NYC vacation, Rob and I bought a Wii Fit at the largest Toys r Us I’ve ever seen! Today I got up early and tried it out. I only logged 15 min in my fitness bank, but tonight my abs hurt more than they’ve hurt in ages! Ouch! This begins my new routine of getting up early to get fit. I’m also hoping to run 3 times/week on my lunch + 1 longer run on the weekend. (After our vacation I finally have enough confidence to leave the kids with Rob or my parents for an hour or more to go run).

The Fit is pretty cool. Essentially it’s a balance board with games. From my limited use of it, it seems that it’s only way of measuring your progress is to measure the increase in your balance and centre of gravity. Now this may seem like a negative thing, but actually in terms of OVERALL fitness balance is very important. Balance and core strength prevents falls as we get older, and falls cause injury, which generally don’t heal that well as we age. That said, preventing falls is key to longevity and quality of life. The other thing I like about it is it’s motivating and the activities are short in duration, therefore holding my very short attention span.

I’m going to keep on “Fitting” a few mornings a week and track my progress – I may not lose weight from it, but judging by how sore I am tonight, I’m sure I’ll increase my core strength, balance and posture.

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