Getting Ready For School – Lovable Labels Review

The time is flying by “Super Fast!” (as Sierra would say) and the past four years have absolutely flown by – it blows my mind that in a few weeks my oldest will begin Kindergarten.  KINDERGARTEN!  OMG!

This past Spring hubby attended an information session for parents to tell us all about the school, and the school’s expectations for the parents.  One of the things they stressed to him was the need for us to label Sierra’s clothes.  Apparently theft is a major issue and I would never have believed them until this past week – Sierra lost both a pair of flip flops AND a hoodie sweatshirt at daycare.  The sweatshirt had her initials written in it with marker and the flip flops were not labelled.  While picking her up from daycare I saw kids wearing HER stuff!

So how are we getting ready for school?  With Lovable Labels of course! Don’t lose it – Label it!

Lovable Labels Bear_withTAG_8 (120x120)

I was pretty excited when Lovable Labels, a local Canadian company (they’re practically right down the street from me!), gave me the opportunity to sample their “Back to School Mega Pack”. The pack generously includes:

  • 15 sticker labels
  • 60 slimline labels
  • 48 Press N’ Stick clothing dots
  • 16 shoe labels
  • 2 Mini-Metal tags
  • 5 Book/Binder stickers

You can customize your labels with a choice of four colours (blue, red, mixed berry and black) and more than 25 cute icons. I chose the mixed berry set for the girls.

The labels arrived quickly in the mail, and are very easy to use.  I’ve already  labelled clothes, shoes, sippy cups and a 60 pack of plastic containers I bought for Sierra’s lunches.

The Back to School Mega Pack retails for $44.95 CND/USD.

This school year Sierra is not going to lose anything and your kids don’t have to either – Lovable Labels has generously offered Mom On The Run readers 10% off any order. Head over to Lovable Labels and choose your country. Click on the Back to School Mega Pack (which is on the home page) and during the purchasing process enter momontherun to receive the discount.This code is valid for two weeks, until September 7, 2009.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For School – Lovable Labels Review

  1. I saw them at your house on the weekend and they look great! So, did you get Sierra’s hoodie and flip flops back from the kid wearing them? Maybe the little girl didn’t realize (or hadn’t been taught) that you don’t take other people’s clothes. But you would think the mother would have noticed they didn’t belong to her daughter and returned them to one of the teachers at day care.

  2. I bought the mega pack!! Today the school sent home the first day stuff and it said to label everything….good ting these came today and I’m a geek who loves labels! I mean, i did name my kid AVERY!!! hahahaha…seriously i didn’t name her after the labels…

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