Getting Up Early & Other Random Updates

I’ve finally succumbed to the fact that the ONLY way a busy mom of THREE can find time to workout is to get up early. Like at the butt crack of dawn early.


I joined a gym.  I finally bit the bullet and joined GoodLife Fitness (a major fitness chain in Canada).


But that’s ok – because I’m not working out ALONE at the butt crack of dawn.  No sirree!  My friend Karen?  She gets to hear me ramble on and on about the life of a stay at home mom at SIX AM three times a week!

~Blah, blah, blah~

Before you feel sorry for her, keep in mind this is a mutually beneficial arrangement – she has ME to motivate her and help her get fit.  And I?  I have a captive audience – I talk a lot!


So yeah – that’s about all I have to say – Karen & I are getting fit at 6 am… now please pass me another coffee!

5 thoughts on “Getting Up Early & Other Random Updates

  1. Hear ya loud and clear sister! But the good things about getting it done first thing is…its done and you’ll be energized for the day. Great job though. I know its easier to say”I’ll just stay in bed” :)

  2. That sounds awesome Janice! I think it really helps to pump adrenalin and pheromones in the morning to keep the rest of the day happy. I can’t do very early so I only do nights. I mean after work I hit the gym! Only for around 30 minutes though but I go there every day. It works for me and sometimes all the adrenalin and sweat makes me just skip dinner and do necessary things then sleep. It helps me sleep at night too. :)

    To each his own right? But I’m still waiting for the day I can wake up and admire the sun rising as I jog or something.

  3. I been waking up early to workout now and I feel like I have more energy for the day. Now let me tell you, when I first started working out in the morning I felt completely drained haha. Went home and went straight to bed lol.

    Its gets better as time goes on tho. I cant even imagine myself working out at night anymore.

  4. I joined Good Life last year. For the first few months I went every single day after work. Didn’t see too much in the way of results, then had a meeting one night, couldn’t make it, then felt tired another night, couldn’t make it, then started missing going cuz I just couldn’t get into it.

    I was one of those statistics that join for new year’s resolution and then quit after a few months. The good thing was that my son, who also joined, got to keep his membership for the same low price (family plan) and so he is still a member at half the price I was paying.

    If they had offered renewal to me at half the price, I might have kept my membership.

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