Sierra is grounded – no TV! One week! (Just call me the TV Nazi).

Ok – so she doesn’t watch TV yet – but when is it ok to begin disciplining them? ‘Cause today she totally deserved it. First she bit my nipple with her gums. I yelled “ouch” and she turned to me and gave me the cutest gummy smile. I quickly forgave her. Then later in the day she threw a temper tantrum while we were at FabricLand (to buy some fabric to make a wrap sling – I found a great website that teaches you how to wear your cranky kids). Seriously – my two month old threw a tantrum! She began crying in her carseat in her “travel system” stroller. When I picked her up she began to pound my chest with her tiny little hands! After a few minutes she calmed down and fell back asleep. She got her way and mommy put her on her tummy in the stroller, ‘causing me to have to walk all the way home pushing her stroller with one hand and carrying her useless carseat with the other. So tonight when Cosmo Boy came home I told him not to let Sierra watch TV ’cause she’s grounded (I would have made her sit on the “naughty step” only she can’t sit yet…).

11 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. You are hysterical!!! :mrgreen: “When I took TV away from my 8y/o once she said to me, “That’s Ok mommy. I
    wasn’t in the mood for it anyway.I think I’ll go read a book.” Now what’s the fun in that? It almost defeats the

  2. YAY! A sling!!
    I seriously would not have survived the past year with out a sling!!!
    Never again will ur cutie have a tantrum if you have her in the sling in the Fabric store!!!

    I can hardly wait to read about your experience with the sling!! Good Luck!


  3. 😆 It’s pay back time for all the times you would throw a temper tantrum in the store when I refused to buy you candy! I love it!! 😈 😆

  4. my mom laughs at me whenever I have issues with Kaitlyn…and I can see your mom is equally amused!! I know lots of people that swear by slings and I have borrowed one to test it out once my little one makes their appearance…

    i’m 1cm dilated by the way!!

  5. Yeah, hmmm… I wish Elijah had learned the meaning of the word no at that age. Maybe then he’d stop climbing on his dresser now when I said NO YOU’LL FALL!

    ok I know, that doesn’t make any sense

  6. This reminds me of all the times my male friends called me “whipped!”
    Sounds rather appropriate here too, but I can’t blame ya. 😉

  7. I’m beginning to rethink the whole discipline thing now that my 12-year-old has started telling me the way things will be. So what’s the point?

  8. Aww but doesn’t your heart just melt when such a tiny little being exerts so much energy 😆 The sling is definitely the way to go- I couldn’t live without them with either of my boys.

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