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Liv TylerFernando Alonso

Marie emailed me this morning that Sierra is a bit under the weather. Like a good Mum, she’s a bit worried and has a Dr.’s appointment scheduled first thing; therefore she asked me to help her out with this weeks TOTW… so here you go:

For the dudes, Liv Tyler… need I say more. 😉

For the ladies, Spaniard Fernando Alonso; the youngest Formula 1 World Champion ever with a career so bright he needs sunglasses.

Have a nice week and feel free to drop well wishes for Sierra & Mommy.



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8 thoughts on “Guest TOTW

  1. Marie left me a message & she sounded awful! She has a very bad cold, so like a good mommy, I told her to go to bed & get some sleep. Sierra is feeling much better. I love you sweetie, take good care of you and call me if you need me. Love, Mom
    P.S. Fernando – MMM yummy

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