Hack, Hack, Hack…

!@(daddynsierra.jpg popimg: “Daddy and Sierra”)Picture Of The Day: Cosmo Boy cuddling his sick little Sierra @ 6 am.

That’s what Sierra sounds like today: Hack, hack, hack. She sounded like that yesterday and on Friday too. She has a bad cough – very phlegmy (is that a word?) and congested 😥 I wish I could be sick with her cold for her. Hmm on second thought – I’ll probably be sick with it myself in a day or two.

Sierra went to bed way early yesterday (@ 6:45 pm) and woke up several times in the night. Each time she settled down and went back to sleep as soon as I placed my hand on her back and whispered, “Shhhh, shhh, baby – Mommy’s here, everything is ok”. That was fantastic and I’ve never felt so important in my whole life. Then this morning at 5 am she wouldn’t go back to sleep (go figure she’d already been sleeping for 10 hours!). So I figured I’d keep it low-key and try to nurse her back to sleep. It was working beautifully until…..

Hack, hack, hack, choke….

She choked on her phlegm and it hit her gag reflex…. Yep, milk all over me. And it wouldn’t stop coming. Just as I though she was done she’d gag on her puke…again and again and again. Yep 4 (FOUR!) times! I was drenched, my hair was drenched, and she was drenched. So there we were at 20 after 5 this morning taking a bath – together. How daddy managed to sleep through all of the commotion I’ll never know! At 6 he finally woke up, wandered downstairs rubbing the sleep out of his eyes asking why his two favourite women were up playing so early (meaning why were you so loud?). After hearing the story he cuddled his little baby back to sleep. Seeing the concern he had for her was heartwrenching and I quickly forgave him for sleeping in.

7 thoughts on “Hack, Hack, Hack…

  1. Awwww….poor Sierra…I hope she gets better. If it is comforting at all Marie, here I was on the other side of TOronto with Kaitlyn puking at that same time. Overdosed on brownie Sundaes at a Christmas party (among other things) and threw up from about 5am until 11am.

    I know it’s not comforting — I hope Sierra and her mommy and daddy have a MUCH better night today and that all are feeling well really soon!


  2. Been a long time since I visited your blogsite. Hope Sierra recovers very soon from the flu. See you around soon when a happy picture of your family, hale and hearty, is posted on your site. Hope this will be very soon ofcourse.

  3. Yes, phlegmy is a word which almost makes me vomity to think about. But at least I’m not phlegmy. You too will soon have that pleasurable phlegmy phleeling.

  4. Having a little one be sick sucks. You do wish you could teke it all away and make them better…but it doesn’t work that way unfortunately.

    Drew has his first cold and sleep has been at a premium the past 2 days. Gotta love this time of year.

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