Half Marathon Training Update

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Are you back?  Good.  Now I can update you on my training.  So far two weeks have gone by.  Two long and painful weeks….  Kidding.  Training is going fairly well.  I’ve done MOST of my runs.  Not all – but I planned for that by planning more runs than I thought I could get around to doing thanks to the fam-damily commitments. Though I’ve made a concerted effort to do all of the longer runs.  Running with a double jogging stroller has proven to be more work than I originally thought it would be.  I feel like I’m running uphill my whole run.  Sunday I tried going for a run with BOTH kids – Sierra didn’t have the patience for it and whined the whole way, even though I stopped at a park for 30 min halfway into my run.  It’s not even like I ran all that far either.  2.5 K, stop and play for 30 min, then another 2.5 K home.

Training this week is a bust.  I got my haircut instead of running today (too tired from being alone with 2 kids for 2 days), tomorrow I have both kiddos, so no run, Wednesday I’ll do my 12K while Sierra is at daycare, no run Thurs & Fri because again I’m home alone with both kids.  Though Friday I have my strollerfit class that Sierra loves, so at least I’ll get SOME exercise.  Saturday Rob comes back from Ireland – but I’ll be too excited and happy to see him to go out for a run.  Sunday morning?  Maybe I’ll get out, but maybe not ’cause Rob will want to sleep in thanks to 12 hrs of travelling and a 5 hr time difference. 

See what I mean?  Training with a family is tough.  The poor baby has had sooooo  many naps in the stroller lately.  I’m determined to do this though.  I LOVE feeling like my old self again.  I feel stronger through my core from the running, and my legs have that dull achiness that I love ’cause it means I’m getting stronger.  I’m just going to have to keep training whenever I can, keep persevering – I KNOW I can do it! 

10 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Update

  1. 1. Your legs are going to be incredibly strong from doing it with double stroller. I think that’s awesome, because I’d never do that in a million years. Yes, running with family commitments is hard.

    2. Congratulations on getting a Cool Running gig. Part of me wishes I could get “noticed” by a larger blog. However, I think I would have to actually work on writing well and pay attention to what I’m typing. Too much work!

    3) Your site looks awesome now. I love all the widgets.

    Ed’s last blog post..Papa John’s 10 Miler

  2. You are an inspiration- while I have never been a runner, I do like to exercise, and just haven’t a lot. I like to take the boys for long walks, but we have been sick so much lately (Ryan is sick again) and w/ the weather being cold, it just hasn’t worked out.

    I am going to at least start going at night, after dinner when DH is home. I like that feeling when you know you are taking care of your body too.

    Good for you- 😛

    Heather’s last blog post..A Mama’s Blog Has Moved!

  3. urg- just saw my website wasn’t updated, so here is the new link- not that you need it, but I’ll change it now, so I don’t have to remember next time. :roll:

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  4. It is SO hard to get runs in with two little ones. I’d love to run while my 3 year old is at pre-school, but my 1 year old has been battling one cold/flu/whatever off and on for the past 3 months (and when she has felt better, the weather hasn’t cooperated – wouldn’t you know it!), leaving me with the good ol’ treadmill. Congrats for making it work and sticking with it amid the chaos and fun that is motherhood! :)

    Brianna Grant’s last blog post..Random Thoughts

  5. Going to get my hair did rather than run is so something I would do, too. :) I think you’re doing an awesome job! It’s hard to find time to train – period – forget about having to find the time when you have a family to raise!! I think you are smart in scheduling in more runs than you know you can do, so that way you’ll at least hit as many as you can. Keep up the good work!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  6. I will be doing my first half marathon this year! I’m very excited about it! A friend and I are going to do the half marathon at Walt Disney World next January, so the one this summer (a local race) will be a “warm up” of sorts. I’m not an “exerciser”, but this friend of mine got me started walking with her last fall while my son was in preschool, and I have to admit I am feeling great! I will have to add you to my blogroll so I can keep up with how your training is going!

    Christine’s last blog post..Thank goodness I blog!

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