Halfway There…

Tomorrow marks the 1/2 way point for my pregnancy! I can’t believe how fast time flies by! It seems that just yesterday Cosmo Boy and I were testing and re-testing… Which means that in 4 1/2 short months, Cosmo Boy and I will be parents. I guess that means we should start getting the baby room ready, and do our baby registry and sign up for pre-natal classes… There’s so much yet to do!

3 thoughts on “Halfway There…

  1. And buy the car seat. That way 1) you get used to having it in the car and dealing with it, and 2) its already in the car so that when you do eventually go to the hospital (if you are doing it that way), you won’t have to drive home and get the darn thing and then come back to the hospital to get the baby.

  2. Wow, only 4 1/2 months….seems like only yesterday your only “child” was your pink bandana and the Kirk Cameron pictures on your walls. 😉 You’re so going to make great parents!!

  3. We are expecting number 2 in May but it seems like yesterday when our first was born (he’s 2 1/2 now).

    You may want to sign up for an infant CPR class. We are taking a refresher course. We took one because one of our friends faced an incident in which they had to give their infant CPR. Everything is fine for them now but it scared us into being prepared.

    Also, fill out the hospital paperwork so that you are pre-registered. And don’t forget about updating health insurance information if you have it. Sometimes you only have 30 or 60 days to get covered.

    There is so much to do. We haven’t even set up the 2nd room yet. I better get moving. :-)

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