Hammering Out A Blog Post On My iPod Because I’m That Angry!

The Hubby is away on business for 3 weeks (he left Saturday). No big deal right? Lots of spouses travel for work, right? Military spouses are away for long stretches too, right?

But yanno what? Those families don’t have my kids – my kids the SLEEPLESS EFFING WONDERS!

After a whirl wind day of dropping kids off early at daycare, commuting 90 min downtown on a train for a course, commuting back home, feeding kids dinner (McDonald’s – yes studies show kids of working mother’s lead a less healthy lifestyle than their peers with SAHM’s and I totally believe it), going to swimming lessons, then arguing with kids for 90 minutes that it was bed time, I then stayed up a little too late last night fixing up Big List of Giveaways. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I forgot my kids are the SLEEPLESS EFFING WONDERS!

Brooke woke up first at 1:15 because her pull up leaked, and bless her sweet soul, she was whimpering quietly in her bed trying to get back to sleep. I went in, changed her and her bedding and then she rolled over and whimpered back to sleep. Sierra woke up 30 minutes later and went on a hunt for mommy – why she went downstairs first I’ll never know. I heard her on the stairs crying for me, so I brought her into bed with me and she tossed and turned for 45 minutes (or longer at that time of the night/morning who the hell can tell time properly?).

I’m on a course downtown again today.

So 6 am came, I turned off the alarm and embarked on the onerous task of getting everyone dressed, fed, packed and off to their respective daycare, homecare etc… I even got the backyard ready for the pool company so they could close the pool. I made it to the train station with very few minutes to spare (flying by the seat of my pants as usual)… So I really didn’t have time for GO TRANSIT eff-wat ticket agents who don’t know what the hell a return/daypass ticket is! Although the agent charged me the right amount, she gave me a 10 ride ticket and told me I needed to cancel the ticket in the Proof of Payment machine. I said, “That’s funny, I didn’t need to do that yesterday”. I then walked to the machine and cancelled it. She called me back ’cause she realized she gave me the wrong ticket and she wanted me to give her more money!!! WHOA! I never take the train! Just for this one course which is only convenient for the speaker (all of the delegates live near me – we all talked yesterday). I “discussed” the situation with the eff-wat, I mean agent, then ran out for my train which was then pulling out of the station.

The train kept going leaving me screaming and waving on the platform. The next train came 20 minutes later!

Yes! After all the rushing, the cajoling of the kids etc.. to get to my train & course on time the EFF-WAT ticket agent made me late! The kicker? SHE DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE!!!!

As tired as I am from solo parenting my SLEEPLESS EFFING WONDRS, I still made it to the train station on-time!! I am so mad that I hammered out a whole blog post on my iPod to vent! Now that’s mad!

So ummm – how’s your day going? Better I hope!

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