Happy Halloween!

I love hallowe’en – mostly ’cause I get to pretend I’m someone else, and carve a pumpkin. My brother and I loved to do that when we were little, though we would also fight over who pulled the most gooey stuff from the inside of the pumpkin (why my parents never bought 2 pumpkins to end the fighting, I’ll never know). Each year we took turns being the pumpkin “designer”. My brother was the creative one. Here’s a pic of us with our pumpkin (I’m 12 in the picture and he’s 10).

!@(pumpkin.jpg popimg: “Pumpkin Circa 1987”)!@(_01.jpg:R popimg: “Witch Pumpkin 2004”)As you can tell, that year I got to be the designer :lol:. Now that I’m living on my own, I get to carve my own pumpkins and I don’t have to share the joy with anyone else. It’s MINE! MINE! MINE! BUT my design skills have definitely not improved, and I’ve taken to using pumpkin templates (I know how sad). But you gotta admit, it sure looks better than that pumpkin I did when I was 12!

I can’t wait to shell out to all the kiddies – some of them have the most adorable costumes EVER!

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