Have I Ever Told You…

That my breasts are making me feel like a porn star? Seriously – I’ve gone from an “A” to a “C”. Every chance I get I’m taking off my shirt and sharing them with Cosmo Boy. Generally he doesn’t mind, except for the fact that there are a row of townhouses that face our house behind us, and we don’t have a curtain over our sliding glass door. I’ve never had boobs before, so I want to show ’em off before they disappear again! I knew that they would probably get bigger, you know like when I was breast feeding – but seriously I won’t be doing that for another 5 months, so what gives? Are these going to keep getting bigger? Not that I’m complaining or anything – soon enough my tummy will be bigger than my boobs 😉

4 thoughts on “Have I Ever Told You…

  1. Do not breastfeed if you ever want to have normal looking ‘breasts’ again. I didn’t do it myself, couldn’t bring myself to do it – it seemed too sexual to me, but I have seen some breasts – and the women said it was due to breastfeeding – and they were kinda caved in and flat and saggy.

    I know it’s supposed to be better for the baby, and the bonding crap and all that, but I can’t help feeling that I wouldn’t have been too happy if my body had gotten deformed or something.

    I’ll probably get a lot of flack for this thinking, but it’s what I would not do.

  2. Actually, I breast fed and my boobs are fabulous! Okay well I think they are at least. lol It depends, if you are lucky to enough to inheirit good skin tone then you shouldn’t have a problem with sagging breasts, at least with the first kid, after breast feeding. I can’t say though what they’d look like after a couple of kids and breastfeeding though. But seriously, they get much bigger. I started as a full B cup, went up to a full E and now I’m at a full C. The only advice I can think of is make sure you massage that cocoa butter lotion on your tummy and breasts and once you start breast feeding, make sure you feed your bub equally from both breasts or you may end up with lopsided breasts afterward. That happend to a girl friend of mine. doh!

  3. Lucky Cosmo Boy! :mrgreen: There’s just something so right about a woman who loves to share her boobs with her guy.

    One friend of mine is normally a D but goes up to a J when breastfeeding! I’d never seen a J-cup bra before but one time she showed me one of ’em and my head fits in it.

  4. Speaking from experience, my breasts still look normal after breastfeeding munchkin for 13 months. And we know that we’re like the same size. So keep in mind that every body is different, but in the long run I think that breastfeeding benefits outweigh the alternative. Shit, I can still go braless and they look like they did when we were 16.

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