Head Down Low, Ready To Go !

Five and a half years ago, my OB told me at my 35 week appointment that our baby was “Head down low, ready to go!”. Hubby and I weren’t quite sure what that meant, and din’t really put much thought into it – how long will a baby sit in position until they’re born? It could be a month right?

One week later (at 36 weeks gestation), I sat up from a nap, suddenly having the urge to pee – as I sat up I peed myself, or so I thought… 20 min later I started having contractions, and more fluid leaked with each contraction… four short hours later we welcomed our beautiful (but small) daughter, Sierra into our family.

Today I had my 36 week midwife appointment. Guess what she told me? This baby is also “head down low, ready to go”. It could be any day – it could be a month from now.

I’m not taking chances.

  • My bag is packed.
  • My diaper bag is packed.
  • The infant seat is installed.
  • I got a beautiful new haircut, hi-lites and lo-lites. It looks AWESOME!
  • I have lots of help lined up to look after Sierra and Brooke when I go into labour.
  • My house is spotless somewhat clean.
  • My cell phone is charged.
  • There’s a full tank of gas in my van.

We’re ready baby!

How much do you want to bet that because we’re all ready, baby will arrive in a month from now, right on it’s due date?

4 thoughts on “Head Down Low, Ready To Go !

  1. 😯
    Methinks I better pack an overnight bag & put it in the trunk of the car!

    Then again; it could be Murphy’s law – you’re all set but baby will probably keep us all waiting and sitting on pins and needles – especially if it’s a boy!

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