Heating Up The Firefox

So I’ve finally jumped on the band wagon and ditched Internet Explorer – I am now a proud user of…. Firefox!


It’s not that Firefox is new to me, it’s just that I’ve been a bit lazy in configuring my new laptop into the way I want it to be.  Anyways, now that I’ve got Firefox up and running its time to heat it up a bit.  You know, customize it with some add-ons.  So far I’ve added BOOST (which integrates Firefox with Facebook), TwitterFox (integrates Firefox with Twitter – now I can twit from my blog, gmail chat or straight from my browser), and GreaseMonkey (so that I can use the Comment Pre-Fill script to auto-fill the comment forms on blogs with my data).  In doing all this I also added the Twitter plug-in to Facebook so that all of my Twitter twits will automatically be synchronized into my Facebook status.  no more logging into facebook just to update my status!  Yippeee!  There’s nothing quite like automating and maximizing my time online!

So now that I’ve got all of that figured out I was wondering, dear wonderful readers, which Firefox add-ons can you not live without? 


6 thoughts on “Heating Up The Firefox

  1. I too, use Grease Monkey. That is awesome about the Twitter thing. I may set it up for my facebook account. I don’t have any friends that Twitter other than my husband, so it’s just published on our personal blog.

    I don’t know if this is a FF plugin, but I love using del.icio.us. It’s easy to install del.icio.us in FF. I am tagging sites and articles all the time! Just so I can find them again later.

    Btw, FF is awesome because it publishes sites the way they should look. I know my site looks a little different in IE. And I currently have a bug in IE 7 that my husband needs to fix. So annoying! I LOVE FF!

    Amanda – The Mom Crowd’s last blog post..Eat Those Veggies!

  2. Thanks for making me realize that I’m nowhere near the techno-nerd I once was. Was that post even in English?

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