Herding The Kittens

Why is it that kids never ever want to get dressed in the morning? They never want to get their jackets and boots on and they certainly never want to be buckled in their car seats! It’s like their only mission in life at this moment is to make mommy as late for work as possible and to watch her blow her top! Is this their only form of entertainment?

img_6317Getting my beautiful daughters dressed to go anywhere can only be compared to herding cats. You see, my girls are about as cooperative as cats are. Actually, a cat may be more cooperative; as the promise of a little bit of tuna certainly makes them come when you call them. Yes, the more I think about it, herding cats would definitely be easier.

Lately Sierra has taken to wanting to dress herself. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her newfound desire to be independent – its awesome! But it’s also slow as molasses. One day I’ll have to time how long it takes her to get her clothes on. And then there’s Brooke. Ahhhh – I’ve written before about how fun it is to lovingly wrestle a toddler into getting dressed. Like Sierra, Brooke’s wrestling moves would certainly put any WWE wrestler to shame. I bet she could even beat the current World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

This morning I was late for work – AGAIN! And generally I would have to agree that I should get up earlier to get everyone dressed and out the door, only I don’t know how much earlier I should begin. This morning it took the three of us, Brooke, Sierra and myself 90 minutes to:

  • Change 1 diaper
  • Get 3 people dressed
  • Make 1 coffee
  • Pour 2 chocolate milks
  • Let 1 dog out
  • Put jackets, boots, hats and mitts on 3 people
  • Let 1 dog in
  • Get 3 people buckled into the car

Thankfully I had put out the garbage and recycling before going to bed last night otherwise I would have been EXTREMELY late for work!

I have no clue how other mommies do it. How do you get your kids ready for the day? I can’t seem to herd my kittens no matter how hard I try.

PS – here’s a hilarious video I found of cowboys herding cats:

5 thoughts on “Herding The Kittens

  1. We have much more time but when we need to hurry it is hard. I was ragging on her all the time for a while and I finally let go. Now IF she gets ready without me nagging she can tv a few minutes of Kids CBC in the morning, which is a huge treat for her.

    Would a timer or stickers for rewards help?

    chelles last blog post..Christmas is Coming

  2. Are you trying to get ready at the same time as them? If so, you might want to make it a competition between you and Sierra as to who can get dressed faster. If she wins, she gets a prize. If she loses (which I don’t think will happen) tell her she has a chance to win tomorrow. As for Brooke, I remember my mom getting me dressed first before getting herself sorted, so you might want to dress her first before you and Sierra have your “competition”.
    Pretty good advice from someone who doesn’t have kids, eh? I have to admit, the first idea was shamelessly stolen from my cousin Kiesha in England – she used this trick on her son and it worked everytime.

  3. I remember those times. I used to start getting ready to leave an hour before I needed to actually leave just so I could get the boys ready and out the door on time. I am so glad they are old enough to dress themselves now … only got to start 45 minutes early now. LOL

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