Hooray! A New NKOTB Album!

Yay! The clouds may be grey and possibly even raining outside, but I’m in a good mood because look what album was released yesterday:

I am one SUPER DUPER happy camper!!  I’ve been dancing and cleaning the house all day listening to this fantastic album!

What?!  You don’t have it yet?  It’s incredible – what’s better than NKOTB AND BSB?  NKOTBSB!!!  What are you waiting for?

Go get it NOW!!

4 thoughts on “Hooray! A New NKOTB Album!

  1. I’m a country and western songs kind of girl myself, but I do sympatize with your joy over a new album. Doing the housework, ánd my runs with music makes all the difference!

  2. Hi Janice. Thanks for stopping by to comment on the Good Earth dinner you tried. Sorry it wasn’t all you thought it would be. It’s been a while, but from what I remember, it was the chicken and sausage I added that probably made it better tasting (Love spicy chicken sausage). For what it’s worth, I haven’t seen it in my local store recently so perhaps they discontinued it? :)

    Great blog by the way. You’ve gained a new reader.

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