How Do You Find Balance?

No – I don’t mean balance as in standing on one foot balance.  I mean Work/Life balance.  The balance between your job commitments and your life.  Life, yanno, as in the things you LIKE to do, not the stuff you’re paid to do.  How do you find balance between them?

It’s actually very important to take time for yourself every day.  In fact studies have shown that people who find balance between their work and their life sleep better, eat better and enjoy life more.  They have less stress – and having less stress means they live LONGER! 

This past weekend I found some time for my balance.   I took the kids to the park, spent some one-on-one time with my oldest daughter Sierra and I hung out with my BFF (sidekickgirl) at Donnie Wahlberg’s I GOT IT release party.  Here are some pics from the party:

DDub-Party-November-6-2009-003-150x150 donnie-movedtotears joemac
My BFF and I Donnie Wahlberg Joey McIntyre
(surprise guest)

It’s really important to your well being to take time to do stuff for yourself – so this week I encourage you to do something extra-special for yourself. 

4 thoughts on “How Do You Find Balance?

  1. Work / Life Balance can be extremely challenging in today’s fast paced world. Women often have to work even harder at trying to achieve this seemingly unattainable goal because of the domestic and child-rearing responsibilities outside of the office! but it can be done…most of the time. I find my greatest tool to be carrying a paper planner with me. I use it to prioritize my work day, list my to dos, schedule appointments, make notes, and much more. I prefer the Day-Timer® portable-size planner because it fits perfectly into my purse.

    If you’re interested in learning more about work/life balance, the Day-Timer Blog at, is a must see!

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