How Quickly We Forget

For the past two months, Baby Brooke has been doing this crazy weird daily routine. She’d be up for two hours, then sleep for 45min – 1 hr, then be up for another two hours etc…. Essentially she’d nap 4-5 times a day, making it feel like I was constantly telling Sierra to be quiet, and play quietly while mommy puts Brooke down for a nap. I was exhausted and Sierra was getting mucho jealous. Then Tuesday I had an AHA! experience. During her first afternoon nap, when Brooke cried, I left her alone for 5 min to work it out for herself instead of running right up there. I also put a CD player in her room and played a lullaby CD. Lo and behold! She napped! For 2.5 hours! Leaving me lots of time for some one on one time with Sierra – yippeee! I thought maybe it was one off situation – but it worked yesterday and today! I had totally forgotten that I had gone through the same thing with Sierra when she was a baby.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we forget our parenting techniques? I’m sure there will be a hundred more parenting issues that I’ve passed with Sierra that I’ll have re-learn with Brooke.

2 thoughts on “How Quickly We Forget

  1. Yep. You think you know all this stuff but you forget it as soon as the next stage comes along. I’m glad you’re getting it sorted. Don’t forget to save some time for (gasp) YOU!

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