How To Take Time For Yourself

I think Brooke may have set a new record last night.  A record for most times waking up.  She woke up 6 (SIX!) times.  Arrgh! And Sierra?  She woke up once.  Fun, fun, fun.  Especially when I’m in the midst of two weeks on my own.  Needless to say I am exhausted.


Brookie’s eczema was bothering her last night.  One time I went into her room and she was flapping her arms in her sleep like a birdie and groaning.  The poor wee little thing.  It’s gotten mucho cold here.  I awoke to 17C, that’s 62F for all you non-metric people – that was the temperature in my house!   That’s cold!  As I write this it’s -8C (17.6F) outside with a windchill making it feel more like -17C (1.6 F).  I don’t know what it got down to last night outside, BUT MAN OH MAN!  IT’S COLD OUT!  And the cold?  It’s not so good for Brookie’s eczema as it seems to make it much worse.


Ok, Back to the point of my post.  This morning I was a zombie.  A freezing cold zombie.  I was practically falling asleep standing up.  After I put Brookie down for her morning nap at 10 am, I collapsed on the couch in the basement and hid under a blanket while the electronic babysitter entertained Sierra.  I HATE the electronic babysitter, but with hubby away for another 6 days what was I going to do?  40 minutes later I woke up completely refreshed, happy and ready to entertain a two yr old and a toddler for the rest of the day.   How’s that for grabbing some time for yourself? 

TV + couch + blanket = Great nap

That’s the kind of math I like!


PS -   Give a buddy a hug and buy him/her a drink this National Hugging Day!


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4 thoughts on “How To Take Time For Yourself

  1. With it being that cold if you need a quick wake up … just walk to the mail box in your bare feet. I remember those days with no sleep .. I feel for ya.

  2. I’ve said it before, nap times are the best times. They were invented so that mothers could recuperate.

    Oh, and I didn’t stop by yesterday so I missed the whole hug day *sniff*.

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