How To turn Me Into A Subscriber

rss_icon-300x300 Forget 10 Mistakes Mommy Bloggers Make – here are the 10 8 things it takes to turn me into a subscriber and regular reader/commenter on your blog:

  1. Acknowledge me:
  2. Respond to my comments.  I love when I’m acknowledged, it makes me feel validated and motivates me to keep coming back.  It doesn’t have to be a long response either, a simple “Thanks for visiting” will suffice.  Chris, Haley, Nadine, and Michelle are really good at making me feel special.  They respond to every single one of my comments.  I LOVE that!

  3. Visit my blog:
  4. Show me the love!  If I comment on your blog, occasionally visit, and comment on my blog.  I don’t expect you to visit everyday, and I certainly understand that my blog may not be as interesting to you as yours is to me, but at least visit me once every few weeks or so.  One of my pet peeves is bloggers that never respond to comments or visit back – like they’re too good for me or something.

  5. Provide me with an easy to find RSS link:
  6. I hate having to scroll all over a blog to find the RSS icon or link.  If I have to remember your blog address to input it into Google Reader then there’s no way I’m going to subscribe, no matter how entertaining your blog is.  Even better, provide me with a subscription link in your email response to me.

  7. Show me pictures:
  8. Emphasize your point with pictures – I’m a visual person.  I want to know who you are and who the people you blog about are.  I want to feel like I know you.  Show me a picture of YOU!  So many bloggers will share pictures of their family, but I have no idea what the blogger looks like.  If you blog about a site, show me a screenshot of the site, or the logo – that way if I visit that site I’ll know right away if I’m at the right site.

  9. Don’t clutter your blog with ads:
  10. Keep your blog neat and clean.  I can’t stand having to scroll past an ad mid-post.  I generally will navigate away from your blog if I encounter this.  I also hate messy sidebars – it’s too distracting and takes away from the content.  While 125 x 125 ads are all the rage, I hate coming across blogs that have 10 ads running the length of the side bar.

  11. Provide great content:
  12. I love participating in giveaways, and reading the odd product review or meme, but I won’t keep coming back if that’s all you write about.  I like to feel connected to you, like I know you or share a common interest, and to quote @EarthMark: “They have to either make me smile or make me think”.  Good point.  Keep me interested.

  13. Proof read your posts:
  14. I can’t stand reading posts riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  I find that it detracts from the message.

  15. Be consistent.
  16. You don’t need to post everyday, but at least try to blog 3 times/week.  If I visit your blog and see that this is the first post that you’ve written in a month, then I’m not likely to subscribe.

Now that you know what it would take to turn me into a regular reader, please help me:

What would it take to turn you into a regular reader?

Thanks for stopping by!
-Janice aka @momontherun

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25 thoughts on “How To turn Me Into A Subscriber

  1. I agree about the comments. I respond to each and every comment left on my blog even if it means going to that person’s blog and searching out an email address.

    Also, WRITE. If you haven’t updated in a month, I’m deleting you from my reader and blogroll. And then if you update, I don’t know.

    Also, don’t be preachy. Just because you do things a certain way, doesn’t mean I do, or even that I want to.

    jodifurs last blog post..Desperately Seeking Balance

  2. Great post. I agree with many of these. I can’t stand it when there are misspellings/grammatical errors in posts. I mean we all make them, no one’s perfect, but if it’s constant and sloppy, I lose interest.

    There are “black background” blogs that I read because I love them, but I’ve given up on some that I may have kept if they weren’t so hard on the eyes.
    No music. No bling.

    Oh yeah, excellent writing.

    Marinkas last blog post..Good To Know

  3. Hi,
    This is a great post! I think it’s great to comment after someone leaves a comment. Sometimes when I go to comment, it’s not easy to find the email address on their blog, and that deters me from being able to comment back. I do TRY. I do appreciate all the comments and would love to return the favor.


    DuongSheahans last blog post..Cash Back on Shopping

  4. What a great post!
    I’m pretty good about almost all your points, I even just added a link to my RSS feed at the end of each entry, but I have to admit to being delinquent when it comes to replying to comments. If people leave email addresses I always reply, but it feels so awkward to reply in the actual comments, which is silly because I LOVE it when the bloggers I read do it. Go figure.

    I subscribe to a blog that has compelling content more than one entry in a row. I’ll actually read the ones that have a personal story embedded. Yes, I have a lot of blogs in my reader that I haven’t read in forever.

    Jessica (from It’s my life…)s last blog post..Remember when weekends meant rest and relaxation?

  5. Alot of this don’t pertain to me since I don’t have my own blog. I can understand a good bit of what you are saying. You want to feel wanted, and don’t want to have to sort through a bunch of useless junk. I play on Myspace and everytime someone gives me something I always says thanks. It may not be much, but it lets people know I am greatful for what they gave me.

  6. I So agree with your rules.
    #4 is a bit of an issue for a paranoid blogger :smile:
    There is just one pic. in one of my blogposts… There might be more in the future, but I will do my best to remain somewhat unrecognizable 😉

  7. I agree with your list for most people. I just have to be different. 😉 For me it’s just a connection thing or a funny thing. I read most people because they are my real life friends or would be if we were closer. A few I just read b/c they’re funny. I don’t care if they ever respond to me or not because I likely rarely comment on their site. I comment on about 5 blogs a day (yours, Chelle’s and a few select others) but probably read 50. I used to do much more but when my Dad died I realized that this blog “life” really doesn’t matter in the least and I started spending way less time on it.

    much more than a moms last blog post..Travelin’

  8. This is definitely a great primer on creating community and reciprocity with your readers. I’m kind of out of the loop at the moment as I’m mainly posting at my photography blog w/ comments off (I know, I know, bad blogger! 😳 )

  9. Ooo I do not like when people respond to my comments. I am not sure why. Like if I ask a question or make a profound statement sure but if I make a sort of lame comment but want to show the support I always feel like a dork when people email me back.

  10. I agree with all of your points! Mostly, I subscribe to blogs because they are interesting and funny. There is enough depressing stuff out there in the news, so I appreciate it when someone can find something humorous in the mundane aspects of daily life – as it is usually relevant to mine!

    Jenns last blog post..He’s Just A Guy

  11. Hmmm. Great post!

    I don’t reply to each commment and really? I don’t like it when people reply to my comments. I get too much e-mail already and I don’t think it’s necessary.

    I do however agree that one should comment back on others blogs and post often.

    Oh, and PLEASE no music – that drives me nuts.

    Now, if we could only figure out how to make some money doing this…. :)

    Leannes last blog post..The things I learn

  12. This was a good article. I couldn’t agree more about replying to comments. After all, we are writing to connect with others, shouldn’t we acknowledge one another. I’m not sure who mentioned the black backgrounds and the music, but THANK YOU – I can’t stand either of those. Also, please make it obvious how to comment. Some people seem to almost hide the comment link or call it something so “cutesy” I can’t locate it. I want to comment, don’t make me search!!

    Have a great day and thanks for an interesting post!

    Maureens last blog post..Grand Rounds Are Up And I Am In Them!

  13. Not sure about how to turn me into a subscriber but how you DON’T turn me into one is by changing a blog address all the time (even yearly with a new domain, it drives me nuts) or by constantly closing blogs then opening a new one or by deciding to delete posts or asking me to help you with something and then a week later after I’ve done all that work, removing whatever it is. Etc. (I have an IRL friend who does all of that and it drives me crazy and has gotten me to where I just kinda don’t care anymore.)
    I guess lately I sort of turn into a subscriber if it becomes clear that the person subscribes to me. Not to sound fickle myself but I haven’t really had time or energy to go out and find new friends so if it comes clear that someone is following me, I follow back out of courtesy and to get to know that person.

    valeries last blog post..if the wind’s on the wetter!

  14. I try to respond to all the (not very many) comments I get. But I’m never sure if it’s kind of intrusive to answer directly to the commenters email…or kind of egotistical to reply with a comment of my own beneath theirs. Any thoughts?

    AgelessMoms last blog post..Two Contests – Three Prizes

  15. This is a great post. I completely agree about the commenting back – if someone visits me on my blog and leaves a comment, I always go check out theirs – except for contest entries. I can’t keep up with those. But comments on my regular posts get a visit back and a comment. I think it’s just common courtesy.

    Have you had issues with feedburner losing some of your subscribers? Every once in a while, they lose all my email subscribers for a few days. It’s like getting punched in the stomach when I see that number drop so much!

    Chefdrucks last blog post..Buttery Bliss

  16. What a great list!

    I have to admit that images is the one I struggle with the most. I understand the importance of them, but I also try to keep some sense of privacy at the same time. I do use images from places like flickr sometimes, but it takes so long to find the right one a lot of the time.

    But commenting on others’ blogs and replying to comments are key. I agree there!

    Annie @ PhD in Parentings last blog post..Feeding with love and respect

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