I Actually Wrote This Post A Week Ago….

Turning Another Year Older Is The Perfect End To A Horrible Week

Truthfully, this post title pretty much says it all.  Today is my birthday (yay?) and this week has been absolutely horrible!  If you’ve been following along my very erratic blogging and twittering, you know that my one-year maternity leave ended on Monday.  Yes – I returned to work and yes – Brooke and Sierra started full-time daycare.  Do they like it?  Nope, not one bit!  Brooke pretty much screams all day at daycare (except for when she’s napping, which she does alot there because screaming all day tires her out).  And Sierra?  According to her "teachers" she’s "overly emotional" to put it mildly. At home the kiddos are super duper clingy.  Brooke has major separation anxiety, crying every time I leave the room, and preferring to be carried everywhere.  Her sleeping at night is pretty much non-existent.  She’ll fall asleep easily while being rocked, but will wake up the instant her body touches the mattress when I attempt to place her in her crib.  Last night Rob slept with her on his chest in his La-Z-Boy.  Sierra’s behaviour lately is more in-line with how she was as a two-year old, and she frequently pretends to be a baby for attention, calling her milk "milkies", laying on the floor crying "waaa, waaa" and calling Rob "Da Da".  And me?  I’m exhausted!  Physically, mentally and emotionally! 

6 thoughts on “I Actually Wrote This Post A Week Ago….

  1. First off, happy birthday!

    Second, hang in there with this whole adjustment period. I remember those days when our kids were toddlers (seems like yesterday, and here they are 13, 11, and 9 now!). You’ll get through it. And someday maybe even miss these days! I know, hard to believe…

    Lances last blog post..Defeat

  2. Happy birthday! Sorry I missed it, however, I’ll have a beer for you, cuz I’m just that giving kinda gal.

    And it will all get easier even though at this point it doesn’t seem like it. But it will. See? You have something to look forward to besides ‘maturing’.

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