I Love Daris!

I don’t watch much TV, however Tuesday nights, as I’ve written before, is an exeption. Generally, on Tuesdays I watch ½ of Biggest Loser, then Glee, then Parenthood. However last night was the Marathon episode of Biggest Loser, so of course my satellite was glued there for the duration of the show.

Did you watch it? Did you see Daris run the marathon in 4:02 and beat my first (and still my best) marathon time of 4:06? Wasn’t he awesome? He worked hard for that 4:02 finish and I wouldn’t be surprised to read in a year or two from now that he’s qualified for the Boston marathon. Man I love him! It seems I now have 3 Reality show boyfriends:

Boston Rob

Bob Guiney


But shame on Bob and Jillian for bashing Daris’s 2 lb weight “gain”. Seriously – 2 lbs over a week? Doesn’t one’s body weight fluctuate up and down 2 lbs in a day? That week Daris’s focus was on running a marathon, and running it well – including providing the fuel his body needs for his working muscles. Also, a drastic weight “loss” like the other contestants had indicates to me that they lost a ridiculous amount of bodily fluids, which in my opinion is DANGEROUS! I really can’t wait to see the results of next week’s weigh-ins, I bet that Daris will show some amazing results because his post-race recovery will be a lot less than the other contestants, allowing him to train all week and resume his normal eating patterns.

I wonder….. What are Bob and Jillian’s personal best marathon times are? I bet Daris kicked their asses!