I Love You Mommy Friend

For some reason this week has been hard.  Uber hard.  Evidenced by my lack of posting.  I’ve been over-tired from caring from a sick toddler that hasn’t been sleeping well, and a sick preschooler who spent 2 days home with me this week and almost everything these kids have done has gotten on my nerves and set off my short fuse.  Well, almost everything has.  The more I reflect back on the week I realize there have been a ton of cute moments like:

Sunday night I was tidying the kitchen and over heard a conversation between Sierra and my hubby:

Sierra: Daddy, you’re my honey.

Sierra: You’re my… Honey Boy!

Daddy:  Thanks, Sierra.  You’re my Honey Girl.

On Saturday we were playing camping. We put up the play tent in Sierra’s room and put pillows and blankets in the tent.  While the girls were in the tent, hubby and I sat outside making “night” sounds – hooting like owls, chirping like crickets and howling like wolves.  After a few minutes Sierra crawled out and announced that it was morning and that she had to make a fire so she could make some hot cocoa for breakfast.  She got out of the tent, walked over to the wall and flicked a pretend switch.

Me: Sierra, what are you doing?

Sierra: I turned on the fire, mommy.

On Thursday Sierra was home “sick” with me.  (She was sent home because of a fever on Wednesday.  At her daycare, if you’ve been sent home with a fever you can’t return until the fever has been gone for 24 hrs – so she was home with me on Thursday – though she felt absolutely fine). While home, I took her sledding. 

Me: Sierra, can I go down the hill on your sled with you?

Sierra: No, your bum is too big, mommy.

While home on Thursday, Sierra was playing with her collection of small toys – Polly Pockets, Little People, Little Pet Shops and a Tinkerbell figure.  While she was playing I over heard her say:

“No Tinkerbell!  Mommy says we don’t fly in the house!”

It’s true what they say, kids really do say the darnedst things don’t they?

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14 thoughts on “I Love You Mommy Friend

  1. I guess it is a little bit comforting to know that I am not the only parent that has their children tell them thatbum is too big. LOL I guess that means I could lose a few pounds!

  2. hi Janice,
    Another fantastic post. :)
    You are a great mom to find the humor in what sounds like a tough week.
    I think only a small child though can get away with saying, “No, your bum is too big…” I can’t imagine what would happen if I said that to my wife… :)
    Anyway, this is a great post!
    ~ Steve, aka the trade show guru

    trade show gurus last blog post..My Wife is Famous

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