I Now Refer You To…

Today, Chris posted his latest search strings (no, not strings that he couldn’t find in his house). Search strings, you know phrases people typed in Google that somehow brought them to his site. I have never really looked mine up, that is until today. I must say the results were good for a laugh this evening. Here is waht I found:

used panties for sale sk:
Well I guess if you’re going to live in Saskatchewan, you may as well wear used panties, right?

prego porn:
Apparently some people find pregnant women sexy. I, on the other hand, think we all llook like we swallowed one too many beach balls.

she had to eep really bad:
Then tell her to go to the washroom! She’s going to ssip her pants while you waste time on the internet trying to figure out what she should do!

canadian use of the word eh:
You know, eh? Why do them Canadian’s use the word “eh”, eh?

lo rise jeans hot:
Why yes, yes they are.

chocolate for runners:
If you find some, can I have some? Though I can’t figure out how chocolate would differ whether you’re a runner or not.

things to do to get your boobs bigger:
Ummm… can I suggest getting pregnant? It seems to be working for me! Then again, you could just save the 25 years to life penalty of being a parent and just get a breast enlargement…

6 thoughts on “I Now Refer You To…

  1. Search strings that bring people to my site always crack me up too! As for sexy pregos, when I was pregnant one of my friends gave me a this book filled with tastefully done nude shots of pregnant women. It sure changed the way I felt about my ever ballooning tummy. To this day I think one of the most things ever is the pregnant female form. :)

  2. Now, I used to know how to do that but I forget. What I do know is that I am ranked pretty high for “potato curler” thanks to a comment left by Jon, the Chocolate Runner! 😀

  3. I find the search strings both entertaining and disturbing. I mean, I didn’t really share some of the more x-rated or just effed up ones. It looks like you have your share as well!

  4. ROFL!

    OK, so now we know what people want to find when they come to your site. Pictures of the new porn-star Marie with her enlarged breasts, eating chocolate while wearing low-rise jeans which show off your pregnant tummy and your used panties, eh? Um, just don’t piss yourself. Though there are Web sites about that, too.

    Consider that a request for Treat of the Week 😛

    A friend of mine was telling me last night that a friend of hers, who she says has the same size boobs (on the smaller side, probably an A), wants to get pregnant just to make her boobs grow. My friend thought that was a silly reason to get pregnant. Me too. Though at least the boobs would be all natural; fake boobs just aren’t as nice.

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