I Saw Our Baby

I’m not much of a dreamer… Well I day-dream, but I don’t dream at night. If I do dream I don’t generally remember it. But last night was different. I had an incredibly vivid dream where I SAW our baby! I swear – it was her! We don’t even know what we’re having – but in my dream it was HER! It was AMBER. (And of course she was adorable).

I dreamt I went into labor – it was a weekday about 2 weeks before I’m due. It was in the morning and both the girls were away – Sierra at school and Brooke at daycare. I called hubby & took a cab to the hospital. Hubby and my midwives met me there. I labored for an hour (I walk around when I’m laboring) then felt dizzy from my low blood pressure, so I laid down on the birthing bed. The midwives said I was transitioning and I began pushing shortly after. My dream kind of gets fuzzy at that point and re-starts about an hour later. I’m in recovery – no longer pregnant, without a lot of perineum pain, and baby is in hubby’s arms – they’re cuddling in a rocking chair. I ask him what happened. He replies that I passed out, but baby was far enough in the birth canal that the midwives were able to pull her out, without tearing my perineum – therefore no episiotomy. Hubby asks if I want to hold her and try nursing her. I say yes – he hands her to me and take some of her blankets off – she’s beautiful – has hair like Sierra and a face like Brooke. Hubby has already told everyone that we’re naming her Amber…. Then I woke up.

It was all a dream – a very, very vivid dream.

Have you ever had a very vivid dream about your baby while you were pregnant? Did the dream come true? Is this perhaps a glimpse into the future? Did you SEE your baby when you were pregnant?

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  1. I always dreamed about a blonde baby girl…but then I had two boys. Years later – surprise! A red headed daughter.. But a daughter that I always knew I would have!

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