I Should Be Packing

But instead I’m on my laptop surfing the ‘net. Why I wonder – why am I procrastinating? I have this awesome chance to have 3 days of peace. 3 days to spend reconnecting with my hubby. A 3 day vacation in NEW YORK CITY that we are getting for free! And yet I’m procrastinating.

I’m scared – the thought of leaving the two wonderful little girls sleeping soundly in the bedrooms adjacent to me makes me absolutely, incredibly sick to my stomach. I feel like I’m going to throw up – literally. The thought of going to bed tomorrow night, and the next 2 nights after that without getting their sweet little hugs is unbearable. I know they’ll be fine without me. I know that they will have the same moments of sadness as they would probably have with me here – but I’m still worried. I want to be there to hug them and care for them. I love them so so so so much – that being away from them kills me. It rips my heart right out!

You all have told me to go, have fun, they’ll be ok etc… So I’m going to listen to you – I’m going to muster up all the strength that I have and shut this here ‘puter right off and go and pack. (But first I have to sneak into their rooms, place a kiss on my finger tips and then transfer that kiss to their foreheads with my hand 😉 ). Goodnight!

4 thoughts on “I Should Be Packing

  1. Enjoy the trip. Remember you can call anytime you like to check on them … not that there is any need to, but to make you feel better you still can.

    Just hope you don’t here “Mommy you are home already?” when you get back … well at least till after they tell you they missed you.

    Enjoy your time with your hubby … I know he will enjoy gettting time away with just you. You always need to take time to be a couple sometimes … not just parents.

    Be sure to take and post lots of pics. (Clean only please) 😳

  2. They’ll miss you a bit, then go play, then ask “when’s mommy coming home?”, then sleep, then play, then see you again in a few days and be thrilled and then do the non-stop telling you of what happened while you were gone.

    jafers last blog post..Out with the Old

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