I Think I’ll Keep Him!

The past three nights, sleepwise, have been really rough.  Although I Super Nanny’ed Sierra into sleeping through the night, Brooke seems to have forgotten how to sleep on her own, or longer than 90 minutes for that matter.  I blame it on teething and my MIL (she visited last weekend when she had a killer cold and managed to pass it onto both of the girls).  I’m a walking zombie (again).

Daddy Rob, knows that no matter how tired I am, I can’t sleep in longer than 8 am.  I have no idea why – I just can’t.  Anyways, I was dozing in bed around 7:30 am when I heard my door creak open.  I rolled over, looked up and saw the greatest sight ever:  Daddy Rob holding Brooke’s highchair tray with a full breakfast in bed on it, and beside him stood sweet little Sierra holding a jar of jam.  BREAKFAST IN BED!  BACON!  EGGS!  TOAST!  JUICE!  And the icing on the cake – COFFEE!  For me!  How sweet is that?  You know what?  I think I’ll keep him :)

7 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Keep Him!

  1. You’ve got a keeper of a husband! Isn’t it great when they notice that we need a little extra something? It goes a long way.

    Good luck with the sleeping – the girls will fall back into routine again, even though it seems that they won’t. From what I’ve read, 3 good nights in a row will re-set their habit. And, from the way it has worked at my house (3 year old son, 1 year old daughter) – the books are right! Until then, everyone has to deal with Zombie Mom. Hang in there!

    Brianna Grant’s last blog post..Do Not Attempt This At Home!

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