I’m Going Out!

!@(25weeksside.jpg popimg: “25 Weeks – Side View”)Tonight I went out on a “Girls Night Out”, and being the only prego of the group, I wanted to prove that I still got it going on. You know, still a hot little number, afterall some guy tried to pick me up at work this morning (so what if I was wearing a huge jacket and he probably couldn’t tell that I’m pregnant). So I pulled out a slinky, shiny, little black “going out” shirt with a panel in the front that I knew would totally be accomodating enough for my tummy….

!@(25weeks.jpg popimg: “25 Weeks -Front View”) Ummm yeah – have you clicked on those images for a good look see? I even grossed myself out! That shirt is totally not happening! 😆 Needless to say I chose a nice comfortable maternity shirt instead :roll: What the hell was I thinking?

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