I’m So Proud My Heart Might Burst

See this?  This completely wonderful and adorable little girl?  She is utterly amazing!

Why you might ask?  Because after reading three potty books at "quiet time" she decided she didn’t want to wear her diaper anymore.  So I obliged and let her wear some too big undies that I had bought for her (size 4).  They were loose enough that she could pull them up and down herself.  4 (FOUR!) times she used this:

This is awesome!  She also went all on her own!  Without me asking her, without playing around for 20 min on the potty, without numerous stall tactics that lead her to wet her pants  She stopped playing, said "I have to poo", went over to it, pulled her undies down, lifted the seat and peed!  (She didn’t have to poo – I guess she’s still learning the sensations).  She stayed dry all day – from 2 pm until we put her to bed!  I guess I’ll forgive her for spilling the catch basin of pee all over herself as she so proudly tried to carry it to the toilet to dump it out 😉

Oh yeah, oh yeah!  Happy Potty Dance!  She’s a big girl, oh yeah! 

5 thoughts on “I’m So Proud My Heart Might Burst

  1. Yeah Sierra! Owen seems to be getting the peeing on the toilet business. But he hasn’t pooped in two days!
    Told me he doesn’t need to because he pooped on Saturday.

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