In Life There Are Choices

Daddy Rob has gone on yet ANOTHER business trip.  For those of you counting, this is week #7 away from the family since the end of October.  No wonder I feel sad and lonely.  I totally bawled my eyes out when we dropped him off at the airport today.  Thankfully both of the kids had fallen asleep in the car during the drive over, otherwise my crying would’ve really upset Sierra.  She’s very sensitive to me being upset. 


I cried almost the whole drive home.  I miss him so so so so so so so so so very much when he’s gone.  I was just starting to feel whole again and now he’s gone.  Dinner time is the worst.  I can’t remember the last time I had dinner with another adult present.  Although Daddy Rob has been home the past two weeks, he hasn’t been home from work early enough to eat with us.  I don’t know why that bothers me so much, but it does. 


I was really feeling down when I got home.  I called my parents, but they didn’t pick up on it.  I called my friend Leah.  She picked up on it.  But she’s busy and I don’t want to burden her.  Actually all of my friends are busy.  Most have children, and  most of them have 2 kids under the age of three.  I perked up when I cooked dinner – I could tell that Sierra was starting to feed off of my mood.  She was getting all mopey. 

I’ve decided that I have a choice.  I can mope around for the next week missing Daddy Rob, or I can make the best of it – be happy and positive.  Tonight I choose to be happy and positive.  I had a great time playing with Sierra.  We played Duplo, we played blocks, we played trains, and we played dress up.  I LOVE playing dress up – it’s one of the best parts of having daughters.  Bed time went smooth and easy.  And thankfully neither girl figured out that I did bath time and bed time 30 min earlier ’cause I’m tired. 


Tomorrow is another day – I hope I can make the right choice again.  I’m still to fragile and have to take it one day at a time.  This being a single mom stuff is still too new for me and I can’t really say I’m used to it.  I really hope I never have to.


9 thoughts on “In Life There Are Choices

  1. I think most of us find it really difficult to balance the career/children thing. One always seems to suffer at the hands of the other.

  2. Has your phone number changed? I don’t want to be one of the ones that never calls you this time Rob is away. Love ya!!

  3. Did he change jobs or something? I can’t remember him always being gone for business trips before.

    Read your article, BTW. It was good. Makes me want to take up running myself – if I wasn’t so damned lazy and it wasn’t icy and snowy.

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