Is It Mother’s Day?

I’m sitting in my peaceful backyard on my deck typing up blog posts, surfing facebook and listening to the owls hoot and bids chirp.  As I reach to my coffee (decaf :cry:), I wonder to myself – could today be Mother’s Day?  You see, Daddy Rob got up with Sierra this morning at 6 am.  Took her downstairs, played with her for an hour, then took her out to McDonald’s for breakfast, then said he’s going to a park to play with her afterwards.  Yep – that left me to slumber until I decided to get my arse outta bed (7:30 – that’s one heck of a sleep-in for us) and has allowed me a quiet morning to myself.  Oh how I love you, Daddy Rob!   The best ppart of all this?  He came up with this idea ALL BY HIMSELF!  It would actually be nice for her and him if they kept it a tradition.  It’s good for them to have some Daddy/Daughter time (and even better for mommy to have some alone time). 

4 thoughts on “Is It Mother’s Day?

  1. That was a nice little surprise. I wish I could sleep in (even til 7:30). Don’t know why I can’t when I’ve got no babies running around.

  2. Reminds me of the times you & your Dad would go to the mall for coffee on Saturdays while your bro was at the theatre group. Your Dad really cherished those times to spend with you. He felt that it did you both a world of good considering that you were a young teen at the time. I’m glad that you & he have a good solid relationship. I’m glad that you & I have a good solid relationship as well, considering it wasn’t always that way. We had some stormy times you and I, but we managed to work through it.

  3. Aw, that was very nice!

    And congratulations on the baby! I feel stupid I’ve not been around – somewhere along the line I didn’t realize you’d moved your blog back to this domain. Whoops. :)

    Well, glad to see you guys are doing well :)

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