Is It Possible For A Baby To Sleep Too Well?

Yes my friends, yes it is. I thought I’d never say it – but yes, some babies can sleep too well. Brooke’s cold/ear infection/teething has cleared up thanks to a little TLC and antibiotics. We then resorted back to the cry-it-out method of getting her to sleep through the night again, which resulted in only one bad night with about 10 min of crying – now she’s sleeping through the night! Yay! Unfortunately there’s this one little detail. She’s sleeping so so so so very soundly that she doesn’t even wake up to poo. She’s woken up not once, not twice, but three mornings this week absolutely covered in diarrhea. I mean covered! I have three yucky sleepers soaking in a bucket to prove it! Ick! Lucky for me it was Daddy Rob who went in to wake her up each morning this week. 😀

NOTE: The diarrhea is from her antibiotic.

4 thoughts on “Is It Possible For A Baby To Sleep Too Well?

  1. You do have the rule … Finders cleaners?
    Hopefully she get out of that very quickly. Hopefully she will keep sleeping through the night as well.

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