It’s All In A Name

So Cosmo Baby will soon be gracing us with his/her presence. Which means that we gotta come up with a name for this kid – afterall we can’t make this kid go through life being called “Hey You” (though if we spelt it Jesus we might get away with it). Cosmo Boy REALLY wants a girl, a “little Marie” (he obviously doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into). So coming up with a girl’s name has been no problem: Sierra Nicole. Sierra – after the Sierra Mountains in Nevada (we got married in Las Vegas, Nevada). And Nicole? It just seems to go well with Sierra. For a boy, we’ve picked out the first name Hunter. Hunter is Cosmo Boy’s grandmother’s maiden name. But a middle name? We’ve been discussing that one for 8 months. Anyone got any ideas? Cosmo Boy has already shot down: Michael, and Matthew… Help!

15 thoughts on “It’s All In A Name

  1. eh, Hunter is a “strong” enough name that you don’t need a middle name. but hey, i’ll vote for Michael anyway.

  2. I like the name “Grey” for a boy. Years later I thought, wasn’t it too bad that I gave my son such a regular name, it could have been Grey, although my first husband wouldn’t have been into it.

    I guess Tarzan is out, nobody’s got too much sense of humour when naming their kids, other than those who go for Mac MacMillan, and Robert Robertson, etc.

    I would have liked that too… Woody Woodward, woodpecker, whatever. I know, I’m an idiot.

  3. Oh, that was me – I see that I was still a guest from when I ‘guest blogged’ (I know, you were wondering WTF that was).

  4. For some odd reason the name “Hunter Douglas” popped into mind and just for the heck of it I googled it…interesting. I tried “Hunter Adam” somebody already used that as well. “Hunter James” appears also to be popular….
    I googled just Hunter and found these – “Hunter Morgan”, “Hunter Jacob” or “Hunter Ian”
    am I helping? lol :roll:

  5. I have a good friend whose name is Grayson, whose motto is “Gray, like the color” because people don’t get it. I personally like the name greyson, grayson…

    I knew of a Hunter Lee.

    We are thinking about using Nicole in some fashion. If you are interested what us people in the States used in 2004 goto and see the database of babynames. Here is the link for the Top 10 names in the world:

  6. How about Gatherer? 😛 Or maybe Gunther.

    Well, Matthew is nephew #1’s name, and Christopher is nephew #2’s name, so if one of those has been shot down, I’ll agree with that suggestion.

  7. Michael is good. I guess hunter boy is out of the question 😈
    Hunter Harrison, Hunter Abraham, Hunter Hunted, Hunter Rabbit, Hunter Roy, Hunter Thomas :twisted:, Hunter Todd, Hunter William, Hunter Zachary

  8. ack! I’m drawing a blank after looking up baby names on the web for the last 15 minutes…um, er on my coffee break of course!

  9. I think Hunter Ray Cosmofam sounds good. What about that? It’s only one syllable so it won’t take away from Hunter. That’s my input! LOL

    And it’s still not too late to change the “little marie” name to Kimmie!

  10. Green? Hunter Green? Just kidding.

    Sending positive thoughts for you and your entire family! What an adventure!!!

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