It Sux 2 B Canadian

‘Cause we miss all the great superbowl commercials! @$@#^$& !!!! If you missed them too, you can find them over on AOL. Cosmo Boy’s favourite was Budweiser: Barn (he has a soft spot for horsies and Dalmations – must be ’cause he grew up on a horse farm and had a Dalmation as a kid or something) and mine was Bud Light: Man Kitchen – which one is your favourite?

7 thoughts on “It Sux 2 B Canadian

  1. You really didn’t miss anything this time. I had a chance to see several of them live and others on the computer and they really SUCKED!! 👿

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Always thought that was so unfair and makes NO sense to me. Thanx for the link, hubby & I were talking about looking them up and now we don’t have to.:cool:

  3. Apparently, Global showed them all on Monday evening. Some of the Web sites with the commercials only have some of them; for instance, I had to go hunting before I found the Pizza Hut commercial with Jessica Simpson.

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