It’s Now November

Which means that my blogging for the cure initiative is over. Last month I had 78 comments. At a $0.05/comment, that translates to a grand ol $3.90 for me to donate to Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society. Yay! Way to go guys! I’ll add another $10 to that and round up to donate $15.00.

Another initiative I had last month was a “Pink Giveaway“. I said I’d giveaway a Thingamaboob to one lucky subscriber. Now the key thing was that you had to comment to let me know that you’re a subscriber. Only two people did that so instead of picking I’ll be sending both Val from Spoken For and my mom (I’d rather Be Crafting) a Thingamaboob keychain!

Now that I got that little bit of administration taken care of, I want to let you know that for the rest of this week I may not be blogging. Yeah, I know, you are SOOOOOOOOO upset about that! LOL! I’m grounding myself from my blog because I have a major amount of house work that my blog (and computer) has caused me to neglect. Maybe I’ll take some before and after posts, maybe I won’t, only time will tell. Have a great week folks!

5 thoughts on “It’s Now November

  1. OMG, way to make me feel guilty about not cleaning. Ok, maybe I don’t feel guilty. Maybe I feel like, “I’ll get around to it soon”. We all have our own definitions of soon.

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